A Philadelphia native, I was reared in a household rich in art and began painting long before I attended the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. But by my thirties, I felt my painting hit a plateau. I discerned that a better mastery of technique would provide the creative impetus I craved. I applied and was accepted into the Academy.


While there, I learned much and learned well --- so well that as a second year student I was awarded the Hobson Pittman Memorial Prize, historically reserved for third year students but an exception made to the Hobson Pittman Will to give me the award.


In my third year, I was also awarded PAFA's prestigious Cresson Traveling Scholarship for my performance piece, "Jackie and Her Sparkling Personalities," a multi-media presentation. The Cresson provided a full traveling scholarship to Europe for 2-1/2 months which opened my artistic eyes yet more.


 I have continued painting since leaving PAFA, with a periodic digression into ceramics. But I'm back to painting now, and it is as exciting as ever!



My Work


I have drawn and painted in all styles employing different techniques and methods of application. Though some of my figurative painting has been well regarded, my passion is for abstract painting---a constant search for a particular harmony of colors and shapes. I have used oil and acrylic but find oil, a bit more difficult to work with, but rich in color.

Oil, 48"x48"

Oil, Acrylic, 20"x30"

Oil, Acrylic, 24"x36"

Acrylic, 10"x14"

Oil, 48"x48"

Oil, 24"x36"

Acrylic, 24"x36"

Oil, Acrylic, 20"x24"