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Well, hello there. I’m Joel. Thanks for stopping by.

Here’s the scoop: by day, I’m a graphic designer/art director at a marketing agency. By night, and in any spare time I can rustle up, I create fun and quirky illustrations with a variety of tools. 

I’ve experimented with many mediums throughout my life, but I always gravitated back to pencil and ink. Now I mostly use a tablet and software to digitally compose vector and raster illustrations in a few different unique styles. 

The inspiration for my art comes from several things — being out in nature, observing the behavior of the world around us, comic book art, pop culture, animation, movies, memories from childhood, and the absorption of other artists’ conceptual and visual styles to strengthen my own. In an attempt to inspire the viewer to laugh and think, I like to infuse my sense of humor into whatever I am creating. In addition to that, I use art as mental therapy for myself. Getting lost in laying down lines for a few hours is absolutely necessary to clear out the ol’ beehive inside my head. 

I’ve been recognized for many of my illustrations out in the community through gallery shows, contest submissions, awards, and high fives. Being able to create art for projects at work, the community and for myself is a blessing ­— I am continually weaving in and out of styles and subjects, allowing me to grow as an artist.


Hellboy 20th Anniversary Tribute

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Tom Petty Tribute

Rocket Raccoon

Mile of Music Poster

Admiral Ackbar


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